Caring for the Children of Ukraine

Everyone’s Child is raising funds for Ukrainian children who have been orphaned or displaced by the war in their homeland. 

Everyone’s Child in Ukraine

Everyone’s Child is in a position to assist children who have been displaced and/or orphaned because of the war that has ravaged their country. 

Here are some words from our local contacts in Ukraine:

“They are very frightened, they are from the war zone, they escaped as best they could… children are practically without shoes and clothes… I could hardly hide my tears” – a Ukrainian teacher who now volunteers at a school that has become a refugee camp

“There is a river of tears on the [Polish] border, so many kids and women who lost homes…” – a 28-year- old woman who has evacuated over 20 kids from war-torn Ukraine 

“I’m trying to smile so she would never find out about my pain and fear inside. Children shouldn’t suffer from wars…” – a young refugee mother 

Please give generously. Your gift will provide these Ukrainian children with warm socks, a safe place to sleep, a hot meal, and hope for a future they need not run from.


Little Ukrainian child wearing a pink hat dances on the gray bricks in a park
Three-year-old Ukrainian girl dances in the park, one day before she and her mother were forced to flee their town. Her mother said “This is the last peaceful picture in our life.”

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please join us by donating today!