EC's Annual Appeal: Where we are: World map of EC locations

Where We Are

In 2009, Everyone’s Child began serving orphaned and vulnerable children at three primary schools throughout Kenya.  Today EC is educating and feeding students in seven locations in eastern and western Kenya.  Our support is also reaching northern and southern India, where we are helping children with the basic needs of life.

Where we are: Map of Kenya showing schools supported by Everyone's Child
Map of Kenya showing schools supported by Everyone’s Child

Where we are

is not as important as what we are doing.  EC’s mission is to educate where there are no schools, to connect where there is isolation, and to care where there is great need.

Where we are: World map of EC locations
World map of EC locations

Our Goal

is to improve the lives of children around the globe, particularly those who live in impoverished circumstances.  Your support is the key.  Click here to join us in our goal of serving children in need.

Quenching the thirst of children in India - Waiting by the drill and watching for water
Waiting and watching for the water in Orissa, India
Where we are: Nurse Jaime helping children in Kenya
Nurse Jaime with children in Kenya

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