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Join our campaign to raise $4,200 to buy 60 desk and chair sets for three classrooms at the Miruya Primary School in Rongo, Kenya.

The Need: 60 Desks and Chairs 

The Miruya Primary School in western Kenya has come a long way.  Where once there were just four shabby classrooms, there are now nine bright rooms for learning, with windows, tiled flooring, and brand-new chalkboards – all ready for learning! 

What is missing now are desks and chairs for three classrooms where children currently crowd onto wooden benches to study.  They also have nowhere to leave their books at the end of each school day AND have to walk several kilometers to and from school carrying their materials in backpacks weighing as much as 20 pounds.  That’s a lot of weight for children to carry!

The Solution:

Raise funds to purchase 60 desks and chairs 

This summer, Everyone’s Child is raising funds to provide the Miruya Primary School with desks and chairs by the beginning of school this September, giving students a space to work and a place to leave their books and other materials at the end of each school day. 

The Next Step: 
EC’s Buy a Desk Fundraiser

Let’s provide desks and chairs for 60 students!

What are we going to do? 

All of the funds raised through this fundraiser will go toward buying 60 desk and chair sets for students at Miruya Primary School. 

How much will it cost? 
Each desk and chair set costs $70 and the school needs 60, so we are raising $4,200 to cover this expense. 
Every donation matters!  For every $700 raised we will fill in another row of 10 desks on the grid to the right, until the classroom is full of desks.

Goal: $4,200

Buy a Desk Campaign status at 1/6

Support EC’s Buy a Desk Campaign

Interested in helping?  THANK YOU!  Here are two ways you can support us:  

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Interested in learning more about this Buy a Desk fundraiser? 

Please feel free to contact Tracy at [email protected] with any questions you may have!

Tracy Guion

Tracy Guion

Assistant Executive Director

Contact Tracy at [email protected] with your questions about EC's Buy a Desk Fundraiser.