Our Mission

We are educating where there are no schools, connecting where there is isolation, and caring where there is great need.


Everyone’s Child builds schools and provides sponsorship opportunities to orphaned secondary students in Kenya.


Everyone’s Child connects students in the United States with students in Kenyan Villages.


Everyone’s Child provides daily meals to over 500 students at six different schools throughout Kenya.

About Everyone’s Child

Everyone’s Child, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and impoverished children around the world. Our mission reaches out to the children of the world: to educate where there are no schools, to care where there is great need, and to connect where there is isolation.Everyone’s Child stands behind this principle of provision, holding fast to the ideal that providing children with an education equips them to become the decision makers of tomorrow. Supplying these students with a daily meal has become an important part of this program also, as children need nourishment in order to learn.

Through partnerships with local leaders and citizens, this program participates in building self-sustaining schools in developing nations that support community development, access to quality education and a better life. We believe if you give a child a meal you feed him for a day, but if you give a child an education, you  feed him for life.

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Recent Updates

  • Really Good News
    Three VT students are helping Kenyan orphans by raising funds to pay their school fees. That is some really good news for students in Kenya!
  • A Fresh Start
    Kenyan schools are due to reopen this January. A fresh start is in store for students all over the country, and especially for those returning to the Miruya Primary School in western Kenya.
  • Every Day
    EC-supported students in western Kenya have been given an opportunity to study online every day and connect with students in the USA.
  • Securing the Perimeter
    Anyone with a heart for protecting children knows that securing the perimeter of a school is important when it comes to student safety. Everyone’s Child is helping to make that happen at the Miruya Primary School in western Kenya.