Everyone’s Child, Inc, sponsorship students are introduced to skills necessary to effectively deal with everyday challenges.

Mentoring Program

In 2015, William Aludo pioneered a mentoring program at Bishop Edward Donovan Secondary School in Lanet Umoja, Kenya.  This program introduces EC’s sponsorship students to skills that are necessary for dealing effectively with everyday challenges, including those found at school, at work and in personal relationships.

Mentoring students in Rongo
Ruth with EC scholarship students John and Cynthia in Rongo

The mentoring curriculum explores questions that teenagers commonly face, such as “who am I?” and “what is my passion?” The goal is to give students who are about to step out and make their marks on the world confidence in themselves and their abilities. The purpose is also to help them find their God-given talents, and teach them that they can make a difference in the world.

A Successful Life

We at Everyone’s Child believe that a successful life begins with knowing who we are and ends with identifying and pursuing what we are good at doing. A child who has a sense of their identity is better equipped to handle life’s challenges. A confident child is also more likely to recognize and pursue his or her vocation or career. The child who grows up in a safe, loving environment has easy access to this kind of success. But this success is more elusive for those who grow up in uncertainty or without the involvement of a caring family.

Kenyan students in a classroom
A mentoring session at Bishop Donovan Secondary School

Life Skills

Many of the students enrolled in EC’s sponsorship program have experienced tremendous trauma and loss. They are in need of skills that will provide them with ways to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life. The EC Mentorship Program aims to give hope and reassurance to children who have come from difficult backgrounds and are facing uncertain futures. In 2017, Simon Wanjala, a graduate of EC’s sponsorship program joined the team, bringing a valuable perspective to these students.

Simon Wanjala and William Aludo - dressed to educate!
Simon Wanjala and William Aludo

If you would like to join us in this endeavor, please donate to Everyone’s Child.  Please give generously.  Your gift will make a long-term impact in the lives of children who with our help can make a difference in Kenya.


The feedback for this unique mentorship program has been positive. Our objective is to reach out to more students, helping them to gain confidence in themselves and achieve their full potential as active citizens in the future of Kenya.  Whether they want to be a farmer, a doctor, a pastor or a teacher, our goal is to equip them to be the best at what they will do.  To learn more about this unique mentoring program, read the December 2017 blog.

a student receives a mentoring certificate
Alice receiving her Certificate of Completion for the EC Mentorship Program