A new day

Here begins the use of this blog.  Finally.  I’m always thinking about what I should write.  Today I am determined to get something down on this page.

As the director of Everyone’s Child, I am often faced with making decisions about who we should support and how best to help those who lack the basic necessities in life: food, water, shelter, family, education.  My motto has become “There is no end to the need.”  There is great hardship in Kenya, particularly among the children.  But this is true everywhere we turn.   When I pick up the paper or listen to the news, I am reminded of the pain and distress that so many face, and to be honest, I find it more than overwhelming at times.  I struggle not to become indignant over the imbalance of poverty and wealth and wonder if we as members of the human race are doing enough to relieve the suffering of humanity.

Today I read a passage from Madeleine L’Engle’s The Irrational Season that helped me comprehend this overpowering feeling of helplessness I have whenever I consider the needs in our world.

“We may be a global village, but instant communication often isolates us from each other rather than uniting us.  When I am bombarded on the evening news with earthquake, flood, fire, it’s too much for me.  There is a mechanism, a safety valve, which cuts off our response to overexposure.

But when a high school student comes to me and cries because the two- and three-year-olds on her block are becoming addicted to hard drugs, when the gentle man who cleans the building in which the Cathedral library is located talks to me about his family in Guatemala, rejoicing because they are alive although their house has been destroyed by earthquake…then in this particularity my heart burns within me, and I am more able to learn what it is that I can and ought to do, even if this seems, and is, inadequate.

But neither was Jesus adequate to the situation.  He did not feed all the poor, only a few.  He did not treat all the lepers, or give sight to all the blind, or drive out all the unclean spirits.  Satan wanted him to do all this, but he didn’t.

That helps me.  If I felt that I had to conquer all the ills of this world I’d likely sit back and do nothing at all.  But if my job is to feed one stranger, then the money I give to world relief will be dug down deeper from my pocket than it would if I felt I had to succeed in feeding the entire world.”

Madeleine L’Engle’s passage can be summarized in the words of Rabbi Tarfon from 2,000 years ago; “It is not for you to complete the task, neither are you free to desist from it.”

So now I can go forward in this day with renewed hope that whatever I do to relive the suffering of a handful of schoolchildren in Kenya will and does amount to something.  And not just me – I’m grateful for all those who have come alongside this vision to feed, educate and care for the orphans we serve in Kenya.  It’s the proverbial stone in the pond effect that is being enacted here.  One stone, many ripples.

DSC09272 IMG_0647 IMG_0716 IMG_0735 IMG_3432 Kaylie Viens at Kampi ya moto IMG_2303 IMG_2336IMG_3486


Our first Medical Clinic group (l-to r): Chris Ciccarelli, LPN; Lexie Pfister, RN; Carol Vassar MD; Nancy Hutson, RN. (back): Jill Ciccarelli MD; Jamie Worsley MD
Our first Medical Clinic group (l-to r): Chris Ciccarelli, LPN; Lexie Pfister, RN; Carol Vassar MD; Nancy Hutson, RN. (back): Jill Ciccarelli MD; Jamie Worsley MD
Dr. Carol Vassar assisting a patient in Kampi Ya Moto
Dr. Carol Vassar and Chief Francis Kariuki assisting a patient in Kampi Ya Moto

Sr. Shamima Thiongo, Sr. Bernadette Mastroni, Fr. Thomas Mugi and Fr. Paul Stewart

Sr. Shamima Thiongo, Sr. Bernadette Mastroni, Fr. Thomas Mugi & Fr. Paul Stewart.  Thank you!

Everyone’s Child has a brand new website!

We’re finally there!  I’ve been on an adventure I never wanted to embark on – the changeover of what I thought was a pretty good website to something that I am now able to work with.  Now  I am very happy to announce that EC is online and in business once again with an outstanding site – all thanks to Peter Dinardi and his expertise in creating an innovative web design that isn’t too difficult for me to navigate behind hte scenes.  If you want to see more of his work, check out his website at http://vermontdesignandmarketing.com/.

And now it’s time for me to get to work blogging and posting.  Stay tuned for more excitement!

April 29th ~ an evening with Jack Mayer

JOIN US on April 29th for a special evening with Jack Mayer, award winning author of Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project
JOIN US on April 29th for a special evening with Jack Mayer, award-winning author of Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project

In his bestselling book, “Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project”, Jack Mayer inspires people of all ages to understand that one person can make a difference in history, and that every small act of goodness repairs the world.

Mayer’s book corresponds directly with the work of Everyone’s Child, a humanitarian non-profit organization based in the Mad River Valley dedicated to improving the lives of children in Kenya, particularly those whose lives are surrounded by invisible walls of poverty, poor health and lack of education.

Mayer will be connecting this wonderful story of the heroic woman who rescued 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto in the 1940’s with the importance of rescuing children in need today.

Proceeds from the evening will go to Everyone’s Child to help fund the completion of two classrooms at the Lord Ranjuera Primary School in Kampi Ya Moto, Kenya.

To see the full information for this event please click here.



what’s next?

What’s next?

Our goal now is to continue fundraising efforts to complete two classrooms at the Lord Ranjuera Primary School in Kampi Ya Moto, Kenya – the extremely dry area where EC helped to install a rain harvesting system last year.  These two classrooms require walls, floors, windows, doors and desks.  In order to make this dream a reality for these students we need to raise an additional $8,000.00.  Any contributions toward this effort will be gratefully accepted!   Click here to make a secure online donation.

we asked ~ you responded

we asked ~ you responded

This past November and December we had a significant response to our annual appeal, raising over $15,000.00 in two months!  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed so generously.  Your donations help us to start the new year off on strong footing, positively impacting the orphan feeding program that feeds over 200 Kenyan children in five different locations per day, and allowing 15 orphaned boys and girls to attend our secondary school this year.

The face of EC in Kenya

The face of EC in Kenya
Susan Enoch, a recipient of EC’s scholarship program, has been hired as our first Kenyan employee!  As our Program Coordinator, Susan is responsible for meeting with teachers and students involved in the Orphan Feeding Program, purchasing and supplying the food for that program, maintaining records and finding new sources of funding in Kenya.  She is also EC’s representative on the new Health Center Board for the building of a clinic in Lanet Umoja.  It’s an exciting position for her and an exciting time for us as we continue moving forward in Kenya!


2011-11-21 22.13.39Everyone’s Child continues to support orphaned children who want to attend secondary school. Currently there are 15 orphaned students attending Bishop Edward Donovan Secondary School who need           financial assistance. Would you consider sponsoring a student for just $35 a month?  Click here if your answer is yes!

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