Board of Directors

Everyone’s Child is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children around the globe.

Tracy Guion, Director

Tracy Guion was born and raised in Waitsfield, Vermont, where she spent nearly all of her time outside, building imaginary castles and battling dragons with her sister and brother. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 with a BA in Global Studies and German.

Since that time Tracy’s international interests have grown. She has taught English to 600 high school students in rural Thailand and Citizenship classes to refugees from Nepal. Currently she is a Program Manager at Project Harmony in Waitsfield, where she is in charge of developing and implementing international exchange programs aimed at fostering cross-cultural understanding between the United States and Eastern European/Central Asian countries.

Tracy’s penchant for international involvement makes her an ideal fit for a position of leadership with Everyone’s Child. Early in 2019 she introduced EC’s Messages of Mercy Writing Program (M.O.M.) to students from Harwood Union Middle School in Duxbury, Vermont. Since then she and a group of students have raised funds to help many orphaned secondary students in Kenya go to school.

In September 2019, Tracy traveled to Kenya to meet with the students who benefit from EC’s sponsorship and the M.O.M. programs, seeing firsthand the impact that these programs have had for many young adults.

In her free time, Tracy enjoys traveling, singing, baking, reading, and hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont.