EC Sponsors

Juniper’s Fare Restaurant – Feed Yourself, Feed Another: Meals with a Mission             Juniper’s Fare in Waterbury, Vermont has been a sponsor of Everyone’s Child since 2010, providing a wonderful venue for fundraising events and a great meeting spot for supporters, and providing a place for us to display and sell African jewelry and other gifts.  Their “Meals with a Mission” program works like this: every time someone buys a meal at Juniper’s Fare, a portion of the proceeds goes to EC, helping a child receive an education as well as a daily meal.  We’re completely stoked about this because we know that it’s such a win win for everyone!  Feed Yourself – Feed Another!

Orphan’s Promise is a ministry of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). Their mission is to provide help and hope to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. In 2013, Orphan’s Promise helped to install a rain harvesting system at the site of our primary school in the semi-arid region of Kampi Ya Moto, Kenya. The school now has a garden and potable drinking water for students and staff to enjoy throughout the year.

Saving the World Apparel is a socially responsible clothing company based in Brattleboro, Vermont and founded on the idea that the world can become a better place through ethical and compassionate business practices. Their goal is to help foster change by spreading positivity and awareness. STWA has been a sponsor of EC since 2012, donating a portion of the proceeds from their para-cord bracelet sales to us.

The Waterbury Vermont Rotary Club wh-4p-ol-rgb  has been a supporter of Everyone’s Child since 2013 when then President Lynn Mason chose to direct the club’s international fundraising efforts toward the building of a much needed health clinic in Lanet Umoja, Kenya.  President Mason had traveled to Kenya with EC in 2012 and knew that she wanted to take action to impact the area of health care in Kenya. She spearheaded several fundraising campaigns to initiate the process for the building of the first Health Center to be built in Lanet Umoja.


WDGA (World-force Development Global Alliance) has a vision to equip Kenyan youth ages 13-25 years old with essential tools to lead peaceful relationships and succeed in today’s workforce. Their goal is to teach students how to avert violence, become civic leaders and attract employment opportunities to promote community and economic development. Director and Founder Niecy Dennis White has been a collaborator with and supporter of EC since 2009.

We are in a position to change an entire nation, one child at a time.